Start Blogging today it’s your asset for tomorrow

How to start a blog.

Hi Evey one this post is for those who want to earn money by blogging. If you already a blogger you are a head, if not start today.

In this post I will clarify what is blogging how to start and other related queries. I will also share my personal experience and knowledge on how I started initially. Before we dive in to the topic we will understand first what is blogging.

 What is a Blog:

A Blog is like a online Diary with regular updates in which one Notes information  or experience. You can express and share your thoughts to the world. You can write anything it may be your personal experience or it may be article which is useful to others.

How can we define blog:

A blog is a regularly updated website or webpage, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

blog is a discussion or informational websitepublished on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

What is Blogging:

As of now you got an idea what is is a Blog. Any one who post the blogs he is called as blogger and the process of doing this is called blogging.

It was a small summary about what is the Blog. If you are interested to know more about the Blog you can visit You will find lot information from its origin to its popularity. In this blog i want to tell how to start a blog in simple steps.

Who can start Blogging:

Any one can start blogging but before starting a blog few key points must be considered.

  • First select the topic you want write or discuss.
  • Slept the topic which best suites you or which you are most interested in.
  • Now you are ready with the topic select the audience you want to reach.
  • Select the good domain name which is relevant to your topic.
  • Get the hosting service from best reliable hosting providers.
  • That’s it you are almost done technically.

We will go through the above points in detailed for better understanding. As every one should understand content is the heart for your blog. So to write a good content first you should be familiar with the topic you want to write.

Topic selection: Select the topic which you know very well it’s not that you must know every thing, but atleast better than few. If you are confused in selecting the topic just do some research, see what people are searching for, their are many tools like google trends. Before you start to write your first post learn a lot about the topic you want to write. Read books search on Google gather some information and then start writing the blog. As i said content is heart of your if write good content then definitely people will visit. Don’t ever copy and post some other’s content it’s not recommend. When you are ready with the topic think how can you make it reach to people differently. As their are many blogs with same content so think in a unique and innovative way. We can have a full blog post about content. But for now I minized it with covering all the basic points. So before you go next step be ready with good topic.

Know your Audience: Identify your audience for example if you have flower shop your targeted audience may be youngsters who are in 20’s – 30’s. If it’s a sport shops your targeted audience would be kids, youngsters, or players. So first you need to identify your audience because they are only the people who are going to read your post. Every time try to interact with more people add comments box so that people may tell their opinions and views. Read the comments and respond to them by this your interactions with them will be improved. Use the social networks to share and make friends ask them to subscribe if they like. Share on every network the more you share the more you learn and the more knowledge you gain.

Domain Name: Domain name is the URL of your site, so select the good one which is simple unique and relevant to your topic. As this is the first thing your customers would notice so select the one which is easy to remember. Don’t select lengthy domain name some time it’s ok but it’s not preferable. Mostly select the domain name in the length of 10 to 13 characters, top site are below 10 characters in length, like Amazon and flipkart.

Hosting Providers : Select the best and reliable with least down time hosting service. For more information on selecting the hosting you can read my article Free web hosting on the below link for more information about Hosting providers.

Free web hosting providers.

So you got a idea about what is blog and how start and what are prerequisites.Now how to select the best blog  platform for your blog, their are many platforms for free. But in free you have lot of drawbacks and it’s not technically owned by you. As many of them like you would be sharing the same space. You can’t monetize the free blogs. In free blogs at the end of URL they would add their brand like for example if you want URL say then it will be like or like

The Different types of blogging platforms:

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Ghost
  4. Tumblr
  5. weebly
  6. Wix

These are the few of them which are very popular world wide.


From them wordpress is the most popular one because of its accecibility it’s performance and lot more it’s having lot of themes which are seo optimized. WordPress support wide variety of tools which makes it more popular. is the free version and is the premium version. So now Iam going to show step by step process to create a free blog with WordPress.


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